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Remote Control

Most churches today install a sound and video room or boot in the rear of the church. This necessitates the incorporation of remote controls for the projector screens, and sound system. There are two common approaches to the issue of projector and screen control. The simplest control is to use an IR repeater system which repeats the infrared signal sent out by the projector hand remote and repeats it through a wire running to the projector. The cost of this type of system is under $500. Simply the user points the remote at an eye located in the booth and the signal is repeated at the projector. The second approach is to use a touch pad with built-in icons and intelligence which may make it simpler for the user. These systems are fairly expensive and range from $2500 to over $10,000.

Control of the screen up down function is provided by the screen manufacture and runs generally $300-$500. If a touchpad system is chosen the screen up down function can be incorporated into the projector startup.

Finally, there is a need to control the house and stage lights. This can be accomplished by including a dimmer package in the lighting system if it is a new church. The dimming function will be performed using a lighting control box which incorporates a standard theatrical dimming protocol called DMX512. If the church is being renovated and does not have a dimming system then dimmer packs or dimmer switches can be installed to control the lights using wireless protocols.