Free Evaluation

Free Lighting, Sound,
or Multimedia Evaluation.

What is Needed from You

  • Church name and contact for the project?
  • Contact phone number and email address?
  • Is this a new church building or renovation?
  • Describe what you want done: Sound, Video,Lighting, etc.
  • Please be specfic in your work description.
  • If a renovation, what is the age of the church building?
  • Describe the shape of the worship area (i.e. square, round, rectangle, pie shaped)?
  • A floor plan dimensioned and an elevation of the inside.
  • Do you have a youth program and a separate facility for them?
  • What is the proposed seating capacity of the area?
  • What is the style of worship at your church?
  • How old is the current sound system?
  • How many people attend your Sunday service?
  • What is the current start date of construction?
  • If construction has started, when is the planned finish date?
  • What member of the church will select the sound/video contractor?
  • If you plan to use some of the existing equipment, please list.
  • Do you use the worship area for other functions or presentations? What functions in particular?