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Free Lighting, Sound,
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Our Design Team

Our Mission

Prism Multimedia provides video, sound, lighting and automation systems for commercial buildings and upscale residential homes. We provide detailed designs ready for competitive bidding. We also will install the equipment.

Company Profile

Individuals in our company are trained to provide computer simulation and diagnostic tests to meet your sound, lighting and video needs. Our designs provide automation equipment to insure the equipment is simple to use.

Our final designs are presented in CAD bid drawings and specifications ready for release for competitive bidding. The installation department is staffed with experienced personnel that are dedicated to provide the most efficient, build-to-print, and on-time installation experience.

Prism Multimedia is a dealer for major companies manufacturing sound, video and automation equipment. Our personnel are factory trained on the equipment they install.

Why use a Consultant?

Church worship space is renovated at 10 to 20 year intervals. The changes need to include the latest technology to serve the church community for 10 years or more. This can be supplied by a multimedia consultant dealing only in church buildings with an awareness of the latest trends in church multimedia. The savings received in the final price negotiation of a quality system will pay the cost of a consultant and the consultant meets the needs of the community without overspending.