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Church Bells

The sound of bells has been the unifying voice calling people to worship. The cost of this blessed sound has been out of reach for many churches. There is now an electronic system that brings all the richness of cast iron bells to the congregation and community with the inspiring sound. The Prism Bell system is a maintenance free system is the perfect answer to expensive cast iron bells.

The solid state design has no moving parts for maintenance and trouble free use for years. The carillon system is complete with controller, amplifier, wiring kit, outdoor speakers and detailed installation instructions.

Features of the bell system include:

  • Funeral Tolling – Manual Start/Stop – selectable toll sounds
  • Wedding Bells – with manual Start/Stop Peal of Bells
  • Call to Worship/Mass bell started manually or on a schedule.
  • Angelus – can be programmed for 12pm & 6pm complete or manual Start/Stop
  • Seasonal or daily service bell performances may be programmed
  • Hour striking- half or full hours can be programmed
  • Holidays- The system can also be programmed for events like Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve
  • Hymn Playing – the system may play preprogrammed hymns added by the user
  • Each system is programmed to and includes the first four bell sounds listed above
  • You will select your bell sounds from an emailed bell sound list Special Features-
  • The user may add new sounds to a removable flash drive using their PC
  • The system is controlled with a radio frequency hand controller. The hand controller has a two-way communication screen to provide the user the ability to select the bell sounds and start them remotely.
  • The Complete Prism Kit is all you will need. Installation can be done by your maintenance people.
  • The user simply plugs it into a standard wall outlet and connects the 2 speaker wires. The 2 outdoor speakers can be installed by almost anyone with our instructions.
  • EXPANDABLE - remote control of lights, A/V system (iphone/android control) sold separately
  • Two year warranty

Download the data sheet for pricing and more information.