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Church Multimedia

Multimedia presentations encompass many types of equipment, materials and software. All of these items support the task of telling a story. This priority must not be lost in a maze of high tech multimedia; itís all about the story.

The message can be conveyed in many forms it can be by a local webpage network or the web pages can become a domain and a website on the internet. All of these concepts and techniques will be covered in this section.

Your message may also be conveyed by recording the service for distribution on DVDís for those who could not attend in person. The methods used to record and duplicate DVDís will be discussed.

Stage craft involves all the technical areas that may be used to convey a spiritual message. It includes theater lighting, recording and mixing of sound and video. It will also include the construction of scenery, costumes and special effects when your church may be performing a passion play or Christmas play. These tasks are normally assigned to a technical director.

Finally special effects covers a gamut of visual effects which can span from lighting, smoke, snow and rain to flying through the air like Peter Pan.

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