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Lighting Effects

In the front worship area lighting should be used to make the area and the people in it expressive. Since we are normally used to seeing items lit from above the theater light source should be located somewhere between 35 and 45 above the horizontal line of vision of the individual to being illuminated. To keep shadow angles the same from one part of the stage area to the other a number of light fixtures are used. The stage by form should be divided into areas about 8 to 12 feet in diameter to pin upon the exact lighting fixtures and each area is then lit from an angle of about 45 off of each side. By using this layout the designer can achieve and individual treatment of areas through selective shafts of light into that particular area. Since the lighting for different areas of the stage platform will probably have to be shaped to keep it from spilling into the proscenium and into the congregation. This will require the use of ellipsoidal type spotlights. Please note that the ellipsoidal fixtures need to be located high in the ceiling and had a 45 angle to eliminate the beams from striking the rear wall of the stage platform and causing shadows. Fresnel type fixtures can be used but only if the throw is short. Another type of fixture that can be used for short throws are strip lighting using 150 W lamps in a PAR 38 can.

These fixtures will require some type of dimming using dimmer packs located in the electrical room or near the fixture. By providing dimming the stage area and people on the stage will become more three-dimensional.

It is suggested that the color of the light emitted from the lamp be adjusted with color gels. A common color combination is light blue and amber each sharing a specific area to be illuminated. These colors are referred to by numbers blew would be Mist blue 61 and medium bastard amber would be 04. If only one fixture is used per area then the gel should be Cosmetic peach.

Another type of fixture that has come onto the market in the last several years is the LED par. This device can be used in distances up to 20 feet from the subject illuminated. This device has a low wattage however is able to emit a high degree of light on the subject. Another advantage of his fixture is that it can produce all the colors of the light spectrum which allows the user to discard the use of color gels. The LED par is controlled remotely using the DMX 512 protocol. Most LED pars provide remote dimming and color changing.