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Lighting Control

Lighting controls

Lighting control tools might best be described as anything that changes the quality of the light. Historically this has been done by the use of intensity control. Technological advancements have made intensity control relatively simple - solid state dimmers are controlled by one or more lighting controllers. Controllers are commonly lighting consoles designed for sophisticated control over very large numbers of dimmers or luminaires, but may be simpler devices which play back stored sequences of lighting states with minimal user interfaces. Consoles are also referred to as lighting desks or light-boards.

For most churches, the lighting control will take the form of a lighting board which gives total control of many channels of lighting. The second most common control is an eight push button pad by the entrance of the church that has preset lighting scenes or looks. They are brought up by pressing the selected button. These controls feed a signal to a dimmer rack in the electrical room of the church and through a group of dimmers power the lights of the church.