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Recording the Worship Service

The output for your recording device is going to be coming from the mixer output this is usually found to be the mixer sends or a just a stereo output recorder output. In the modern rack of today there are two choices for the recorder either a CD recorder or a recorder on a hard drive or SD card. It is recommended that you use a recording system that utilizes the hard drive or an SD card as this will allow you to edit the sound after the service. You may find several choices of freeware on the Internet which will give you sound editing at a low cost. Commercial sound editors can be purchased for under $500.00.

In addition to the recording signal path when using a mixer is a multiband peak limiter. This piece of equipment will help you polish the rough edges of the mix and make it into a more commercial sounding dynamic range. You will patch the mixer output to the limiter input and then connect the limiter output to the recorder input. It is best to use digital mixers and equipment versus analog as these are the types of devices currently used in modern recording equipment.

There are also inexpensive portable digital recorders available on the market such as the Samson H4. This device will record audio at digital bit rates of 96 or 128 KHz which provides a high quality audio recording.