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Audio Overview

This audio section provides you with a description of the basic building blocks of any audio design. This audio section will answer some of the why's and how's of how to get good results within a budget. And the process will show you how to go from typical “packaged PA” to a flexible building block system of pro-sound components. A pro-sound system will use high-efficiency speaker systems, amplifiers that have enough power to drive the speakers, microphones that have excellent frequency response, and we will cover proper mounting and pointing of the speakers into the audience. The inverse square law will be covered which shows that the sound losses can be cut in half every time the distance from the speaker is doubled. To deal with this law of nature it is important to select specialized speakers to project sound to the back of the audience while not hitting people up front with extra high levels of sound. Sound feedback and room reverberation will be covered which are nuisances that may be found in every sound system.

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